NATTY ICE (_prismatic) wrote in jump_the_moon,

Okay, so the new barn is going up, SLOWLY. but it'll probably be done by the end of the summer. 20 stalls .. too tempting to fit more horses. We just got 2 1/2 new horses; fresians from Holland. one is pregos haha ANYWAY, their names are Swaan and Cyborg. if i could remember their paper names i'd write them but they are really long. Can anybody think of any good names for them ?

In other news, my friend just got a Shire/Percheron X .. it's HUGE .. but can jump REALLY well. and when i say really well i'm talking it can pop over 5 1/2 feet like it's nothing. maybe that sounds normal to you but i didn't know a horse this big could do something like that. in all honesty, this horse is a shithead. he's as bratty as they come, and his size just makes it even better. she called me up to ride him, cause she couldn't. i got on and immediately he started bucking and rearing .. then he took off galloping. yeah this was the first time riding in like .. two months, what a way to come back !! i stopped him, and once you show him that size does not matter, he is an angel. we decided to jump, and started at 2 ft and worked our way up. i thought i was gonna die every time we landed, we were so high up. it was amazing. final jumping height ? 4'3". damn it feels good to be a gangsta COW GIRL
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