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my intro...and diatribe

hello all...
my name is burch and i currently live in olympia, wa. i am originally from northern cali. i work at the 3 Bridges Horse Farm.

i have been riding all of my life and showed hunter/jumper during high school. my first horse was an appendix off of the "a" circuit. he was rescued by my aunt who knew his owners through vets and friends. she bought him for an extremely low price when he was about to be sent to slaughter. his show name was shameless and his stable name was willy. my family and i rehabilited him with special shoeing and many supplements. i was able to show him eventually and won first in a few amatuer shows, schooling shows, and county fairs. he's now 20 years old and lives with my younger cousin as a schooling horse.

this past tuesday i adopted my second horse. he's almost a twin to my first; 13 yr. old, 16 hand, chestnut thoroughbred, off of the track. he was saved by a northwest drill team called cowgirl spirit. they bought him at an auction for $125.
they noticed he was marked for slaughter and being bid on by a local slaughter house and out bid them. they kept him for 4 months and had him checked by vets and farriers. he is sound and in very good conition. he has good ground manners, ties, clips, bathes, loads, stand for a farrier and loves to be scratched in his itchy spots. he does flinch whenever you move quickly around him and is afraid of pitchforks. he has had some bad abuse from some one. there is no reason this horse should have been put down, let alone slaughtered.
i am starting his retraining this week. i've already seen that he loves to jump and go on trails :)

i urge any one that's looking into buying a horse, for simple pleasure or even for advanced work or showing, to do some research about rescue horses. horses have become a commodity. beautiful horses of all breeds and backgrounds are going to slaughter everyday because there aren't enough homes to go around. please consider adopting a horse before you go looking for a breeder or that expensive perfectly trained jumper. it may mean that you'll have to pay for a bit of retraining before you can get to showing . . . but you have provided a home for a being that may have otherwise become meat.

you should also look up PMU efforts. the PMU industry is slowly shutting down and mares and foals are getting sent to slaughter every day.

some sites you can visit:




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