bail_me_out (bail_me_out) wrote in jump_the_moon,

hey everybody its been a while but ive been wicked busy i justmhad 2 mares foal and one of the babies was born really early were wern't even on foal watch yet so she was born in a dirty stall and her ambilical chord is infected :( And we've had a quarentine in march and april for coggins but everybody was tested again and were all fine But were all gonna miss Flash

and this is the first baby who was born in april her name is sydney

and heres me an Bailey at the 2 phase in april

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Um...Coggins isn't a disease, thus not something you'd quarantine for. You probably mean EIA.
well i was told coggins and you obviously got the jist of it but thanx for the sugestion
Coggins is the name of the test used to detect EIA