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Today was soooo fricken hott but it was fun at my horse show...

Well today was a surprise... I forgot that I had a training show, which is where your riding team is against how ever many teams enter the event. I had 2 sets of shows...the classic show, which is in the ring. And a trial, which is consistant of 3 stages. Everything started around 8:00 am, and I got there at 7:00 am so I had time to hang out with friends until we were ready to start, I wasnt riding until around 9:00 am, so I got California Dreamer "Peek-a-boots" ready for the first set of classes which were flat. We were in the division on advanced huntseat jr. and the first class was equitation... we went in to the class which had 9 other riders and came out with the blue. Next class was pleasure, which I feared because im not too good in it, but the judges thought otherwise and placed me 2nd. Into bridle path hack right away and came out with a 2nd. We had about a ten minute break then it was into command and amazingly we were placed 1st which was odd, because I thought she stumbled in her canter and switched leads. We had a 30 minute break then it was time for the jumping phase. The first one was hunter hack so we went in and came out with another blue. Next was fences 2'9"-3'3" which I was really upset over the 3' oxer for the last jump. We came out with 2nd because she had knocked one pole down. And out last class was knock down and out, which was really fun, and we placed 1st. During lunch they annouced the winners of all the classic classes and when they called my class they called me as champion of my division!!! After the champions were read I had to get Royal High Jester "Jed" ready for the trials. Jed belongs to our team coach, and I had only ridden him once before, so I wasnt expecting anything. AND since he is a 17.2 hand Hanoverian stallion who is jumping training level for his first time!!! So off to the dressage arena we went with my team cheering me on. After the bell was rung I had no chance of turning back. After my 6 minutes of hell was over, I guess we must have done good with everyone cheering and clapping. Next came stadium jumping... which he was known for being disqualified in other events. We went into the ring and jumped the 15 jumps came out without breaking a sweat or even tapping a pole!!! I thought he did really well and I think the judges liked him alot. We had about an hour before cross country so I was getting everything ready... I changed into my other clothes and got my tack to match... Blue bell boots and pink splint boots. And the blue and pink saddle pad my coach got me for my birthday. I put my protective vest on and mounted and headed toward the starting box. Which lead to the 20 jumps including the water jump, no comment. The first 16 jumps were a breeze, then I had a problem: my rein broke off one side of the bit! I had to make it through 4 jumps with a huge stallion, with ONE rein! Amazingly we made it by me using his mane as my other rein. Once we finished I couldnt have been more shocked when we were placed as reserve champion!!! And at the end I was placed high point winner, which meant I am going to the jr. nationals, and the national jumping finals!!! Talk about a crazy day!!! And I guess you can say we did "okay..."

This is a picture of Jed...

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