madeleine (freckled_horse) wrote in jump_the_moon,

for those tack store junkies

dover saddlery is the most horrid company i have ever delt with.

we sent my boots to them two months ago when the zipper broke. prior to returning them we called them and they assured us that once they received the boots, a new pair would be sent. so we sent the boots off, along with a letter explaining what had happened. after about three weeks we still hadn't gotten the boots, we called them-excuse, called them again-another excuse, and again and again. my mom started emailing them and got more excuses. meanwhile, i am having to use my show boots (which is really irritating me). then yesterday my mother receives a package from dover-and wouldn't you know it, the SAME DAMN PAIR OF BOOTS THAT WE SENT IN TWO MONTHS AGO! with a letter saying we had mistakinely sent these boots back, but the funny thing was, the letter i sent them was gone.

this really ticked my mom off, and she immediately sent dover yet another email. and with no immediate response, she tracked down the boot supplier (mountain horse) and told them what was going on. and just a little while later she got and email from dover stateing how sorry they were and that they had shipped a brand new pair of boots.

next on my list is to get on dover about the paddock boots i ordered a month ago, that still haven't come in.
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