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KK Ultra Vienna show jumping bit?


Any of you used this bit or a version of it before?
I’m debating it for my 10 yr old gelding, since we use the loose ring snaffle version for dressage and jumping right now. However, whenever we get back into jumping, we’ve 1-2 weeks of ‘discussions’ over what speed and how much to listen to me. I intensely dislike having to yank to get him to pull up and slow down, I’d much rather not use my upper arm strength to get him to listen. (and as an aside, once he’s into jumping again he’s good and goes primarily from the seat, so please, no training lectures here. This is just management-of-overly-excited-horse who loves to jump a wee bit too much).

Feedback? advice? Comments on the poll pressure? How have horses reacted? Etc.
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I have never used that specific bit before but ill try and help anyway..
If I dont want to have to be as stong in the hands, then I would prefer a twisted wire rather than a smooth. I find that smooth bits only encourage the pulling and they get off the bit easily and I find myself pulling like a freight train. Twisted wires have a little more bite and just how harsh really depends on the horse. But they soften the horse's mouth up a bit, allowing me to lighten up in the hands, which is nice.
As for poll pressure, I've never had a problem with it, but if a horse is a bit headshy it might not be the way to go.
I don't know if thats really what you were asking but it's just from my own experience. Good luck with your jumper! :)
alas, my boy won't allow anything but this mouthpiece in his mouth. It does me no good to have him backed off the bit to the point of avoiding contact - which is what he does in anything else. I WANT and need that connection -- I just need him to listen up even when he's going MOM!MOM!JUMPJUMPJUMPVROOOOOOM!

thanks though!