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I have a Trakehner/TB mare for sale or POSSIBLE lease/free lease.

Her name is "Java", she's about 15.3, bay, 6 or 7 years old (have to dig out my papers).  Got her a few years ago with EVERY intention of breaking her, training her, etc etc etc but really haven't had time or opportunity.  She is broke, trail rides, w/t/c and is fine on the ground with everything but mane pulling (hates it).

A sweet, yet slightly sensitive girl, she's very smart and needs consistency we can't give her.

She'd make a GREAT H/J horse or maybe event horse.  She is not registered at this time and I am not sure if she can be.  

She's green green green green green (cannot stress that enough), and basically turns, stops, walks, trots, and canters under saddle-- still learning her leads.  Java has been ridden probably 10-20 times AT MAX, and never consistently.  Soft mouthed, no vices.  

Java has been free jumped (once) and went up to 3' 3" with no problem.  Tight knees, great form.  

She's "older" yes, but that means she's more physically and mentally mature and READY TO WORK!

Asking 5k, but VERY motivated to sell/move her and so will consider ANY reasonable offer.  

MOre info and photos at on the "sales" page.
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