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-i own one horse, maxx, 3/4 arab & 1/4 thoroughbred. i like to refer to him as my "hot blood".
-i've been riding for thirteen years, and i've recently decided that my horse is the only man i really need in my life. i do mostly hunter/jumper, though my trainer likes to torture me from time to time with dressage, to keep our form up. i'm riding a mostly arab horse in a warmblood/thoroughbred world, and i'm kicking ass & taking names. my horse before maxx was a purebred, registered QH named cody, and everybody told me i could never compete in hunter's with him, either. i'd like to say i like to push the envelope.

i've watched this community for a while, and i already know some people in here, but i finally decided to join tonight, at about 1AM, for no particular reason. anyways, i'll leave you with some pictures of me and my horse, maxx. :)

yeah, that's mostly me.

confused, i think.

who doesn't kiss their horse?

i caught him trying to eat the cross tie. & the mini is cookie. cookie MONSTER, for real. little bastard.

i love muzzles.

oooh perfect.

fat ass.

same as above.

and this is me:


recently i've been having a lot of trouble with fakers.. so i tag most of my pics.
NOBODY BETTER FAKE MY HORSE. not funny, i know. anywayyys. night guys!

OH PS, my first show of the summer is on sunday! can't WAIT.
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